Revealed – Sneaky Techniques to Getting the Best Backlinks

The bottom line in is that Google and other major search engines rank websites based on the quality and quantity of backlinks rather than just the name of said site. Yet, there are still a number of SEO firms and link services that base their methods on placing links on random URLs (ex. .com, .edu, .gov etc) to make the websites look more natural when in fact the links should only be on high quality websites.

Once you know how to do it right, you can stop wasting hours building links and instead start getting all the backlinks that your website needs. That said, there is still a way to sneakily build links without anyone knowing it.


Note: Ensure that any backlinks to your site you build outside of EzineArticles. You want to avoid link farms!

1) Articles

Articles are a fantastic way to get links and multiple backlinks. Specifically, if you write articles and submit them to article directories, you will get backlinks from all over the internet including some really big sites such as EzineArticles, Articledashboard, and GoArticles. Articles directories are often recognized as high quality websites and therefore, you will find that you get a good amount of credibility from them. Further, if your articles are good enough and get published on the internet, it will bring you some attention from publishers to pick up your articles for use on their websites.

2) Video Marketing

Videos are an absolutely amazing way to get the word out about your website and its products or services. There are literally hundreds of video hosting websites on the internet and a lot of them allow you to upload videos from your own website. You can often get away with uploading them to other video hosting websites but remember that hosting your video somewhere else means that it won’t get indexed by search engines, hence, it won’t get ranked!

hosting your video on a video hosting website means that those videos will get indexed and you might even get some video traffic from it. You can upload your videos to YouTube, AOL, MSN or Google video (if they allow you to be listed Comes Rather unsolicited).

Many SEO companies come to you and tell you that they can get large amounts of video traffic for you. Before you accept their proposal, ask them how they will get your video traffic.

3) Offsite SEO

This entails publishing your video to high profile websites (like YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo, and Yahoo! Msn) to gain some backlinks. Blog comments, partner or joint venture? This is another totally legitimate way to get your video out there for other websites to see.

However, if you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re not interested in getting your video on other websites. Why add another element to an already tough enough already?

The crux lies in the fact that the aim of a SEO campaign is to get your video to the best online platform as fast as possible. And perhaps the best platform available is YouTube.

Another point in that making your video readily available to all over the internet should outweigh writing and submitting the poor quality video on an article directory. Though the main idea for a web video is to exploit the YouTube platform, you can also submit your web video on other article directories as well. SEO marketing specialists know the best way to publish your video online – it’s all about leveraging power.

4) Social Media/Viral Marketing

A Safari strike and dry spells is what visitors to your Website are looking for. And if your visitors have the ability to un stains their emotions, they’re not going to want to do business with you. That said, if you’ve got a cut throat approach and you direct your visitors to a Website that’s not designed with them in mind, then wouldn’t you want to face traffic and eventually convert them to clients? That’s why you should look for a company that specializes in maximizing your presence with Social media marketing. And if you’re serious about solving your visitor’s problems, then find an SEO company that offers User Generated Content creation.

How to find the right Search Engine Marketing Company

All you need is to know how your current Web marketing strategies are failing and face a world of traffic with no conversions. No conversion means no sale. You can then Consult a Search Engine Marketing Company to experience the Difference in growing your web traffic and your sales.